Can a Virtual Assistant Really Save My Time & Increase Earnings?

November 4, 2022 Brian Keller0
Virtual Assistant
For appraisers, time is money. If you can complete more reports per year, you can increase your earnings substantially. As an appraiser, you are paid for your local market analysis and expertise, not you’re typing and data entry skills. An appraisal assistant can help increase your efficiency by taking care of the tasks that don’t require your judgment or knowledge.
To work more efficiently and more effectively. A huge part of this is learning the art of something called ‘off-shouldering’. Off-shouldering is about taking all that stuff that’s weighing you down – all those time-consuming tasks – and offloading them elsewhere. That’s where a VA can come in.
The real question is “How & Where to find” a professional & experienced VA suitable for your Appraisal industry. There are multiple Websites available to find VA but it is equally time consuming and difficult to sort, pick & train one for you.
That’s where we come in to rescue and deliver highly experienced assistants to best serve you. CTA
VA’s are here to free up countless hours of my time. One of the essences of being a good business owner, in real estate appraisal and elsewhere, is working smarter, not harder. Hiring VAs is an incredibly cost-effective way of off-shouldering, giving you far more time to spend on your business. That sounds pretty smart to our existing appraiser’s.
Tasks that take only 10 or 15 minutes can add up to a surprisingly large amount of time. For example, if you are doing a task that takes 10 minutes and you are doing 10 of those every day, your assistant can save you around 433 hours per year.
If you are spending 4 hours on each report, this adds up to an extra 108 reports per year. At $355 per report, you could increase your earnings by $38,458 per year. Alternatively, streamlining your workflow with an assistant could mean you simply work fewer hours and spend more time with your family or enjoying your personal life.
What kind of work can an appraisal assistant do?
The kind of work an appraisal assistant can do goes beyond typing and data entry. There are likely many other tasks in your workday that don’t require any decision-making or specialized knowledge. With your oversight and direction, an assistant can assume responsibility for a variety of duties. For example, you can pre-authorize your assistant to quote fees and turn times for properties that fit certain standards (e.g., houses under 2,000 square feet in a certain subdivision may have a standard rate). Here’s a list of tasks that could be delegated to an assistant:
  • Email and phone management
  • Quoting fee and turn times
  • Preliminary research and file creation
  • Compiling search and market study data per appraiser’s parameters
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Updates to Lender’s & AMC’s
  • “Cleaning” the report (spell-checking, QC checking, and overall organization)
  • Delivery of the report
  • Accounts Receivables
Who is this for:
Willing to commit to working “ON” the business with NO Excuses
Leverage yourself by hiring a virtual assistant to get more done, while spending more of your time on the tasks that are the highest and best use of your time.
Access Everything from the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office! No Travel Required… and No Lost Time or Income. Start Implementing Immediately.
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