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Overview Of CIVXDATA Workflow & Testimonials

We understands the pains and needs of appraisal. Our singular goal is to help you succeed.

CA Appraiser Say's:

I have been using Civxdata for about 2 months and I am very happy with their services. I usually use their 24 hour TAT and almost always get the completed reports back in less than 24 hours. They follow my instructions per report, which is very important. By using their services, I noticed that I save in average 1-2 hours of leg work per report, which is a tremendous amount of time, considering that I was submitting 1-2 reports per day and now I am able to submit 2, 3 or sometimes 4 reports, depending on complexity. This is an amazing opportunity for me as a full time working mom, as it helps me to expand my business and still have enough time to spend quality time with my family. I also must say that my communication with Brian is outstanding. He is extremely hands on, very attentive and always makes sure that I am happy with the services. I’ve recommended Civxdata to a few of my peer appraisers and will gladly do so again.

CA Appraiser Say's:

I would definitely recommend CIVXDATA as their turn time is very efficient,The quality of the reports is great,and they are pretty affordable.

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Let’s Make Your Own Business

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Let’s Make Your Own Business

We specialize in the following appraisal software platforms

WinTotal Aurora Data Entry

  • To assist you in managing property listings, we can perform data entry into spreadsheet, online database & other customized software.
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ACI Reports Data Entry

  • Our appraisal data entry team can help you to manage reports in ACI real estate appraisal software. We can comfortably use all tools.
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ClickForms Data Entry

  • With our experience and expertise in ClickFORMS appraisal software, you can speed up productivity and improve quality of reports.
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