24/7 Appraisal Data Entry Service for Real Estate Appraisers
Simple Process
You send the data to be entered and get the reports DONE within a few hours!

We support a la mode WinTOTAL, Aurora, TOTAL, ACI and Bradford’s ClickFORMS.

New Workflow:

STEP 1: Appraiser does the field inspection.
STEP 2: Appraiser prepares and sends us all the data.
STEP 3: We enter all the data the appraiser provided.
STEP 4: Appraiser analyzes and is FINISHED.

Appraiser Send Us:

1. Cloned template file
2. MLS of the subject property and comps.
3. Public/tax records from NDC or Real Quest or County Assessor’s website.
4. Home inspection sheet
5. Rough draft sketch
6. 1004MC data
7. Any relevant data, such as contract or PUD details.

Appraiser gets back from us:

→ All subject and comps data pre-filled
→ Almost completed report software file ready for adjustments and valuations.

Price Per Order
✓ Any Appraisal Report(For example, UAD URAR 1004, 1025, 1073, 2055, or 2090.)
✓ Now Open 24 Hours with 4-hours Super Rush Service Available.
✓ No extra fees-no setup charges, no monthly charges, and no taxes.
✓FREE Sketch-send us a rough draft and we will draw a sketch at no extra charge.
✓ Monthly Billing-pay online by credit card or cheque.
✓ SMS Reply- text alerts on mobile and we will reply by text if we have any questions.
✓ ETA 4-12 hours- maximum turnaround time.
✓ No hassle- easy to use online system.
✓ Absolute Privacy Guaranteed- TRUSTe and BBB certified.
✓ 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back.
✓ Free US-based Customer Support.
✓ Three Reports Free! No Obligation.


No long-term contracts, no sign-up fees, no set up fees, no termination fees, no hidden fees.

We help busy real estate appraisers looking to outsource their data entry work by providing accurate, hand-typed appraisal reports quickly and effectively. Since 2017, we have completed approximately 20000 appraisal reports, including Single Family Homes URAR 1004, Condo 1073, and Multi-Family Houses 1025.

We work for real estate appraisers like an in-house assistant. Our data entry agents enter their 2-10 pages of data in each report, which takes between 1-4 hours per report. This process saves appraisers time and therefore increases their productivity. We guarantee our service to our customers to be 100 percent reliable with 100 percent satisfaction. We are not here for short-term success.

We separate ourselves from the competition by providing stringent quality measures, employee retention, reliable and secure access to service, faster customer service, low prices, and innovative yet easy to use website features. We support all software platforms including a la mode WinTOTAL TOTAL 2013, ACI, Bradford.

All CIVXDATA employees are regularly trained for current U.S. real estate standards and our customer service center is U.S. based to minimize the communication gap between customers and data entry agents.

Our Real Estate Appraisal Data Entry Service helps residential real estate appraisers, hired by banks or mortgage lenders, to provide the valuation reports of real estate for the purpose of loans, as per the federal and state regulations provided by Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, and Veteran Affairs boards.

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Copyright by CIVXDATA. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CIVXDATA. All rights reserved.